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Arabic Interfile provides translation services in Arabic to translation agencies and professionals. Our staff has acquired experience in all of the aspects that are concentrated around linguistic translations. We can handle any project that an agency provides us with in a complete manner. Translations, interpreting, localization, marketing... all services that agencies believe convenient and reassuring to entrust to one single partner.

We can follow various aspects of your work as our staff includes individuals that follow the project from a commercial and contact point of view; somebody that follows the translation (mother tongue experts in the field in which intervention is required); somebody that looks after the localization of resources for marketing; who looks after make-up and the graphical part of manuals, catalogues and web site.

The experience and professionalism of our staff is combined with the technological aspect. In our case, this means being constantly updated on each new software product for graphic art, make-up, handling of translation memories, the use of advanced databases etc. All of this allows our experts to concentrate on the linguistic aspects, which are very delicate when we refer to the Arab world and convinced that at the end there will not be any technical limits to the implementation of their work.

We are specialised in Arabic, as our mother tongue, but our organisation allows us to deal with multilingual projects without any difficulty whatsoever, through the use of translators that collaborate with us systematically. In our work multilingual projects are becoming more and more popular in which clients entrust us with manuals that include various languages on the same pages.

impaginazione e dtp in arabo

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