arabic traduzioni e grafica in arabo

Arabic Interfile is based in Rome (Italy), via Vetulonia, n. 64


mail for contact and quotation requests:

mail for collaboration, reserved to agencies and studios:

tel: +39 06 97618119

fax: +39 06 233234970

mobile: +39 348 2930932   -   +39 333 6091628

We personally handle all contacts throughout surrounding areas. For other contacts in Italy and throughout the world, we work using e-mail and by exchanging files through ftp We also have areas that are reserved and protected by passwords on our site in order to exchange files with customers and therefore guaranteeing maximum discretion of all data.

Please ask us for quotations for translations, make-ups, localizations etc. by simply contacting us using the telephone and fax numbers indicated above or by e-mail. We will be pleased to meet you with no commitment whatsoever, or to evaluate and quote the work that you will present us with.

Please ask for further information on our services and references. We will be pleased to illustrate some of our work, that we cannot transmit on the web due to its confidential nature.

impaginazione e dtp in arabo

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