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Arabic Interfile has all the technology necessary to operate in dtp, make-up and vectorial graphic art and bitmap, specifically for Arabic and for all languages in general. When a translation is part of a project of a technical nature (catalogues, manuals, publicity), after approval and confirmation of the text translated, our staff deal with the make-up.

Normally work that includes a part of dtp, is carried out in an articulated manner. The customer or the agency that has sent us the translations provides us with the make-up in an electronic format (we support the most common software used in this field: Quark Xpress, Adobe Pagemaker, Adobe Indesign, Macromedia Freehand, Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator, etc in Apple Macintosh as well as in Microsoft Windows). We extract the parts to be translated which are then elaborated by our mother tongue translators. The results are then re-inserted into the new file, automatically for some kinds of software and manually in other cases.

Once the make-up work has been completed, we can provide our customer with the localized files so that they can be treated for draft printing as normally occurs. In the case of languages such as Arabic, Japanese, Chinese etc. we also provide the client with the make-up in an Adobe Acrobat PDF format. This allows our customer to use the files for printing or publications in general, even though he does not posses localised operative and software systems. On a more and more regular basis our customers put us in direct contact with their graphic studio, agency or printing company and they provide us with the relative settings for "PDF distillation ". In this way the files that we deliver have already been created in full compliance with the printing specifications, quality and compression required.

A very important aspect is in the case of manuals that the customer needs to update in real time. Small variations to texts and make-ups, due to changes in production or market conditions. Thanks to our systems, we can intervene in an accurate manner in order to minimise time and costs of graphic elaboration.

impaginazione e dtp in arabo

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