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Arabic Interfile is a company that has been well known for years thanks to its translation services and graphic art in Arabic. Our services are mainly aimed at translation agencies that ask us to handle the Arabic language completely. Translations from Italian and English into Arabic.

Technical user manuals, catalogues, company communiqués for even the most disparate fields (mechanics, bio-medical, ceramics, textile etc.). Translations are carried out by professionals from our staff or by our external collaborators, only if they have provided proof of their experience on the subject required.

Our translation services are also backed by: interpreting (fairs, congresses, client and/or supplier visits); localization (a very important aspect in the global market, especially when the market in question is Arab, with their peculiarities which are often unknown; legal and administrative consultancy (legal acts, sworn translations).

We also deal with the technical make-up of our work. The make-up and graphic art in Arabic require specific operative software as well as professionals with expertise in dtp as well as Arabic. We can handle every kind of graphic and dtp format, make-up software, vectorial and bitmap graphic art through the use of Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows operative systems. We provide our customers with original make-ups and files in an Acrobat PDF or EPS format ready for printing, optimised and designed according to the technical specifications required.

The technical skills of our expert programmers allow us to intervene in the translations as well as the re-elaboration of web site, multimedia CD’s and management databases, as well as in the localization of software

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