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The localization of resources is a rather new concept in commercial fields and in the field of public administration, but it is becoming more and more important in the development of the global market. If the markets involved include the Arab world, localization takes on an even deeper meaning.

Maybe through the use of some examples it is easier to express the concept, even if each company or reality operating in foreign markets with countries with cultures that are very different from the Western world will always come across problems in similar situations.

We refer to a publicity campaign for any kind of product designed for Italy or Europe. Behind this kind of campaign there is a lot of hard work in terms of marketing, knowledge of the economic subject, purchasing power and the identification of a specific target. The same elaboration of slogans, the use of photos, symbols and testimonials takes these aspects into account. A publicity campaign developed for Western markets cannot be automatically suitable for the Arab world, rather than for Eastern realities. The classical example is the sale of Western food products to Arab countries.

This is where our localization concept intervenes. We are well aware of the social, economic, traditional and strange aspects of Arab countries. For this reason we can advise you on the best sales and marketing strategies required for the success of your products.

We recommend and we propose new slogans, the use of symbols, colours and photos. We identify the right target and the media required to reach that target (specific fairs, specialised magazines etc) as well as the most favourable markets.

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