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Arabic Interfile has been dealing with translations in Arabic for years. Translations from Italian and English into Arabic. From Arabic into Italian and English. Translations are always carried out by mother tongue translators with years of experience. The reality of the Arab world implies extreme care in translations, which must always be carried out by respecting social, economic and also religious aspects.

We want to provide you with just a few examples of projects of translations that we carry out day by day:

- technical manuals: automobiles, mechanical, machines for the textile industry, machines for wood production;

- information booklets: bio-medical, company services, public administrations, hospitals;

- publicity: editorials, catalogues, pages in magazines;

- legal and administrative: sworn translations, contracts, certificates, legal acts;

- marketing: translation of convention acts, reports for fairs and exhibitions.

- computer: translation of web sites, multimedia CD’s, software localization.

When we do translations to and from Arabic, we always provide our customers with an initial draft translation, if you need the text to be approved by local dealers or area managers. After your approval, we provide you with the final text translated in all formats that you may require: printed, in an electronic textual format, in an electronic Acrobat PDF, EPS vectorial format. If the translation is part of a manual or belongs to a larger text, we will deal with the make-up using the software used by you for the original and we will provide you with all electronic files that you will be able to use even though you do not have the operative systems for Arabic.

The use of so-called "translation memories" and "glossaries" play a very important role in our translation work. In practice, they are advanced computer instruments that allow us to always use the same terms for work belonging to the same client, therefore avoiding any unpleasant situations and allowing us to use text previously translated in past editions of work for the same client.

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